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Welcome to Origin EMC, where innovation meets communication. We go beyond the conventional realms of event planning, marketing strategy, social media management and influencer marketing – for us, it's about orchestrating the transformative heartbeat of your brand. Our approach is simple yet profound, blending the fervor of creativity with practical application. At Origin EMC, every project is a canvas, and we meticulously craft the narrative that brings your brand to life. Join us in the realm where ideas unfold, messages resonate, and brands breathe. Let's turn the ordinary into extraordinary together.

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Origin Events

We Create Events

"Origin EMC, where innovation meets execution in the world of corporate events. As specialists in incentive organization, event management, and conference coordination, we pride ourselves on crafting bespoke experiences that elevate your brand. From designing impactful incentive programs to flawlessly executing events and strategically managing conferences, we blend creativity with precision to ensure each moment is extraordinary. 

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We redefine Social Media Management. We craft your brand's story with precision and creativity, navigating the digital currents to not just enhance visibility, but to build authentic connections. In an era where social media is the heartbeat of digital communication, trust us to amplify your brand's voice. Additionally, our expertise extends to influencer marketing, strategically partnering with influencers to elevate your brand's impact in the digital landscape

Content Creation and Marketing

Content Creation and Marketing

Created compelling and engaging content for various platforms, including website, blog, and social media, to attract and retain customers.
Frame by Frame: Journey of Creation

Frame by Frame: Journey of Creation

We specialize in capturing the essence of time through mesmerizing timelapse camera shots and dynamic real-time video recordings. Imagine witnessing the entire journey of a yacht's creation, from its first stages of construction to the exhilarating moment it sets sail. We pride ourselves on delivering not just raw footage but an immersive storytelling experience. Our team skillfully records every nuance, enabling clients to seamlessly weave these moments into captivating promotional films. Transform your projects into visual masterpieces with Origin EMC, where every frame is a narrative waiting to be told

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